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What is your policy for damaged products?

Renter is fully responsible for all damage accrued to the boat, trailer and accessorizes for the duration of the rental minus normal wear and tear.  Check out sheet will be completed prior to rental.

Which payment methods do you accept?

Reservation deposit can be made by cash or Credit Card. Reservation deposit will be deducted from rental balance.  Security deposit will be made through cash and refunded at the conclusion of the rental.

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Helpful Links

Open containers are legal, but operators of boats are subject to boating while intoxicated laws, similar to driving a vehicle. Operators will Agree in the rental contract that they will remain SOBER. ( This includes any alcohol and DRUGS.  Failure to follow this rule will  TERMINATE the remainder  of your trip.  Operators or passengers may also be subject to public intoxication laws. Drinking and boating is DANGEROUS and the cause of most boating fatalities

Visit following links:

    Rental Safety Video- ( Paradise Rental Boats)

Current Lake Level ( Benbrook )


Navigational Aids

Buoys & Markers


The traffic signs of the water, buoys and markers, are important information for the boater. These waterway signs help the boat operator identify danger areas and restricted zones.

Regulatory Markers

Regulatory markers are white with black letters and have orange, warning borders in different shapes.


Types of Regulatory Markers:

  • No Wake/ Speed limit

  • Danger/ Obstructions

  • Prohibited Area

Will you deliver and launch?

Boats are located at the Benbrook Marina
301 lake view Dr. Benbrook, Texas 76128

May I have Open container the boat?

Can I take the boat to another Lake?

No.  we operate on Lake Benbrook only, unless water levels prevent safe operation.

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